Saturday, September 04, 2010

Death... in Japanese

Aside from the more obvious なくなる and 死ぬ, there are -- just like in English -- a variety of ways to say "die" in Japanese. Most are straight-up direct translations, but others are a bit unique to Japan. Here are a few.

成仏する (じょうぶつ): To rest in peace; to become a Buddha.
 例文: 迷わず成仏してくれ!

他界 (たかい): To pass away; to cross the great divide.  
 例文: 私の母は2年前に他界しました。

永眠 (えいみん): To go to rest, expire; to take "the big sleep."  
 例文: 彼女は就寝中安らかに
来世 (らいせ): The afterlife.  
 例文: 来世を信じる。


磨修 said...

One I noticed for the first time a couple days ago - 往生. Thought that was great!

jljzen said...

Nice! Which reminds me of 先立つ, which means, among other things, to die before someone. BTW, what does 磨修 signify?