Sunday, September 05, 2010


良いニューズ: 中途半端な文法が戻ってきた! できるだけ興奮を抑えろ。
悪いニューズ: 日本語能力試験一級は合格まで後ほんの三点。

The good news: Half-assed grammar has returned! Try and control your excitement.
The bad news: I failed the JLPT by a measly 3 points.

So, in preparation for December, I will be wrapping up my grammar book and also posting more regularly on the site, on Twitter and on possible other ventures.

And now, 中途半端な文法10:

1.きらいがある: Tend to... ; be liable to... (negative nuance)
例文: 彼は飲んだ後に、寝るとイビキするきらいがある
Notes: Not used for external appearances, but rather for fundamental essence of issue. Often seen in pattern: どうも~きらいがある。

2.まみれ: To be completely covered in...
例文: 小沢はスキャンダルまみれで、民主党の幹事長を辞めさせられた。
Notes: Not used for place with many dispersed items. Can also be used figuratively(例:スキャンダルまみれ)

3.ずくめ: Totally immersed in... ; all in...
例文: 去年のクリスマスは妻と一緒に過ごして、楽しいことずくめだった。
Notes: To be filled with something, or one thing after another happens. Often used when a person is inundated with nice things. If used with countable noun, can be used interchangeably with だらけ.

4.めく: Take on an air of... ; has a feel of...
例文: まだまだ暑いですが、最近の夜は秋めいて来ました。
Notes: Something isn't completely a certain way, but has an air of something.


Blue Shoe said...

Ahh...Well, 3 points off is pretty damn close. Next time you'll nail it with plenty of room to spare.

Anonymous said...

3pts is nothing!! next time you'll surely pass :)

but how come you found out your results now? don't you usually take them in december and find out like feb/mar?

JLJZen said...

No, I took it in the summer. It's now offered both then and in the wintertime.