Friday, September 17, 2010



密輸(みつゆ): Smuggle
鈍行(どんこう): Slow (train/trip)
政局(せいきょく): Political situation
それとなく言う: To allude to, insinuate something
悪知恵(わるぢえ)が働く(はたらく): To be crafty, cunning
一両日中に(いちりょうじつちゅうに): In a few days
常任(じょうにん): Standing, permanent
耐性(たいせい)菌(きん): Resistant (bacteria)
めくる: Turn (pages)
分かり切った(わかりきった): Obvious
恩知らず(おんしらず): Ungrateful
素面(しらふ): Sober
即座(そくざ): Immediately
とっつきにくい(人): Tough to approach (person)
奇襲(きしゅう): Sneak attack
こりごり: To be fed up of X
復帰(ふっき): Comeback; return
内通(ないつう): Secret communication

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