Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vocabulary review

Post-JLPT slacking has left me with a huge backlog of vocab that I have yet to completely process. Most of these words I have come across in the context of everyday life. For now, I'll just post the words and their English equivalents. Sentences and definitions have been updated!


2.躊躇(ちゅうちょ):Hesitate, pause, hang back
3.ぞっとする:Freeze, be scared
4.忠誠(ちゅうせい):Loyalty, allegiance

5.~に備えて(そなえて):For, against, in case, toward
    例文: 彼女は事故に備えて、車ではいつもシートベルトを締めている。

6.報われる(むくわれる):Payoff, be rewarded
    例文: 努力が報われて彼は成功を手に入れた。

8.概要(がいよう):Summary, breakdown
9.~日和(ひより):Perfect day for ~
11.こじれる:To complicate X even more, to be compounded by

13.~狂いはない(くるいはない):Excellent; 100% X
    例文: 彼の人の見る目には狂いはない。

14.挫折(感)する(ざせつ):Be frustrated, suffer a setback (sense of frustration)
    例文: 多くの挫折を克服する

15.言い切る(いいきる):Say something definitively
16.麦藁帽子(むぎわらぼうし):Straw hat
17.恋敵(こいがたき):Rival in love
18.寝違える(ねちがえる):To get a crick in one's neck


Claytonian said...

ha, all x's for me.

Amy said...

Wow, it's amazing how many of those I bump into lately too. Thanks for getting them all down in one spot for us. :) It's a good review.