Thursday, July 08, 2010

Random review

A couple of words from my deck that ya'all might find useful 'round about now...


A metaphor that says seeing something directly is better than hearing it from someone many times; "Seeing is believing."
例文: 万里の長城のすごさは、百聞は一見に如かず、見てみないと実感できないだろう。
英文: Until you see the Great Wall of China, you can't really experience its wonder. Seeing is believing!


意味: 大変な贈り物・褒め言葉などに対するの返事。
A reply to receiving a gift or praise; "I'm not deserving of such an honor."
例文: 部長から身に余るほどのお褒めの言葉を頂く。
英文: To received an almost undue amount of praise from one's boss.

And now, some quick shots.

背番号(せばんごう): Uniform, jersey number for athletes.
商談(しょうだん): Business negotiations.
ぼったくる・ぼったくり: Rip off ・ Rip-off.
思い切り(おもいきり): Thoroughly; with all one's heart; good and ...
 例: 彼を思い切りけとばした!

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