Saturday, March 06, 2010

Vocabulary Review

Recent vocabulary
*Definitions will follow shortly.
-Ed: Some definitions added. More to come soon. 3.8.10
-Ed. Final definitions added. Next entry to break down differences of similar words. 3.9.10

昏睡(こんすい)状態: Coma
延べ棒(のべぼう): Bar, i.e. gold bar
名簿(めいぼ): Roll, list, directory
かさぶた: Scab
怠る(おこたる): Neglect, shirk, skip
怠ける(なまける): Lazy, slack, idle
仮病(けびょう): Fake illness
照明(しょうめい): Illumination, lighting
なでる(なでる): To pat, stroke
遊牧民(ゆうぼくみん): Nomad
貫通(かんつう): To pierce
サソリ: Scorpion
お蔵入り(おくらいり)になる: To shelve (often used with movies); to put on back burner
育成(いくせい): Cultivate, nurture, train, grow
点数(てんすう): Points
蒸れる(むれる): To get steamy, wet
のぞく: To peek on
見抜く(みぬく): To see through
歴任(れきにん): Positions, posts held
志願(しがん): To apply
捕虜(ほりょ): Captive, prisoner
加わる(くわわる): Join, take part in
妥当(だとう): Valid, legitimate
除草剤(じょそうざい): Weed killer
裂く(さく): To tear, rip
栓を抜く(せんをぬく): To tap (as in to tap a beer/keg)
打ち寄せる(うちよせる): To wash up, lap
攻め寄せる(せめよせる): Advance on, attack
押し寄せる(おしよせる): To flood, throng
ばてる: To be very tired
ふける: Indulge in, wallow in, be absorbed in
協定(きょうてい): Treaty, agreement, pact
黙秘権(もくひけん): Right to silence; Fifth Amendment
慕う(したう): Yearn, adore
祝福(しゅくふく): To bless
志す(こころざす): Intend to be X, set one's mind to X, aim for X
努める(つとめる): To endeavor, try
心掛ける(こころがける): Try, aim for, focus on
回想(かいそう): To reminisce, look back
顧みる・省みる(かえりみる): Reflect, look back on
興じる(きょうじる): Amuse oneself with X, enjoy
なれ合い: Coziness, collusion
癒着(ゆちゃく): Collusion, back-scratching
欺く(あざむく): To deceive
陳情(ちんじょう): To lobby for ~
部類(ぶるい): Class, grouping
亡命(ぼうめい): To defect, go into exile
美名(びめい): Pretext
行使(こうし): To exercise, use

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