Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Snoring sucks.
For me, it's akin to the sound of nails running down a chalk board. It's bad. And the last thing I want to do on my morning commute is listen to some guy choking on his own nose. Luckily, I usually have my trusty iPod with me to block out any unwanted noises if they arise. Today, however, was different.
On the train ride to Ueno this time, I unwittingly sat next to my mortal enemy -- The Snork King.
His Heinousness is a slovenly dressed, slightly chubby thirtysomething who invariably rides the same train I do on certain days. At first, I didn't notice the dude. But with all the power of Thor's mighty hammer, he unleashed his first thunderous blow.
From the moment I heard this malodorous noise, I knew who it was. And I knew I was in trouble: today, I had no iPod to spare me his wrath.


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