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Anonymous said...

hehe.. すごくないおw

what is the most difficult part of the exam?

Anonymous said...

oops. ↑ it was a comment to your previous post

Mashu said...

I would say the key is really figuring out where your weak points lie. But since you've been at it for some time, I'm going to assume you know what they are.

In my humble opinion, the 文字・語彙 section should be a nice big pile of points to bring up your average. Grammar can be tough, as of course can listening, but if you put in the time (and it sounds like you've been studying for quite a while), that first section can be a stress-less one, I feel.

If you're living in Japan, perhaps your kiktori skills are just fine. If that happens to be a weak point, I wholeheartedly recommend listening to some radio news (NHK broadcasts free programs online which I listen to each weekday night), and then whatever you like (TV shows, anime, whatever). Compared to either of these (particularly the news), the material on the test is cake!

I am sort of expecting that your biggest challenge comes in the grammar section, as a lot of foreigners not from kanji-ken countries tend to. The answer is simple, but - read a lot. Real-life material, like novels or academic journals or textbooks which are not study materials for Japanese (the language), but regular literary resource for *Japanese people*. My reading order went from Japanese-language textbooks > newspapers > novels > textbooks in Japanese (finance, political science, etc.) and I found it to be the perfect pace, as long as you choose the right material, of course. Being able to read quickly and interpret the meaning of a text effectively is (I believe) the most critical skill required for the point-heavy questions.

My comment likely diverges from what a lot of hardcore JLPT studiers would recommend, but I guarantee you this will be far more effective, especially if you live in Japan. Look at a list of required grammar, review any you don't know, and then put away the JLPT-themed textbook. Bring out past test questions a month before the test or so, and try and do them in the time limit.

Nice blog by the way.