Monday, May 04, 2009

Bookworm: Idioms for idiots

Here are a few more idioms from my 日本語能力試験一級に出る重要単語集 book. This is the second to last installment of a variety of commonly used idioms found on the first level of the Japanese Proficiency Test.

しのぎを削る(けずる): 勝つために激しく争う
To compete fiercely
My coworker and I have a rivalry going at work.

拍車をかける(はくしゃをかける): 進行を早める
The yen's high exchange rate has spurred a trade surplus for Japan.

影も形も~ない(かげもかたちも~ない): 残っているはずのものがすっかり無い
Not a trace of...
When I returned to my hometown after 10 years, there wasn't a trace of the house I was born in.

水をさす: うまく進んでいる時に邪魔をする
Pour cold water on; be a wet blanket
His bad drinking habit poured cold water on the fun wedding party.

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