Saturday, May 09, 2009

1級文法 2009 review

I recently purchased a new grammar book, just to refresh my knowledge of the various points on the first level of the JLPT. Here they are, as divided by the textbook: This entry discusses 目的・手段, or goals and means.

べく: ~う(よう)と思って
Thinking to ~; for the purpose of ~(to achieve a set goal)

*Formal expression, but sometimes used in modern speech
*Clauses of requests, commands, or appeals do not follow
*Can be used interchangeably with ため without changing the meaning

Thinking to make a fresh start, she moved to a mountain village in Nagano Prefecture.

んがため(に)・んがための: ~う(よう)という目的をもって
In order to
*Person in question has a proactive goal he/she truly wishes to accomplish
*Formal written form
*Clauses of requests, commands, or urgings do not follow
*する form is せんがため

In order to finish the research, he worked around the clock without sleep.

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