Saturday, February 21, 2009

ハプニングズ: 独り言 on the train

I ride the train for over two hours each workday. One hour each way, into the heart of Tokyo. It's a helluva commute, but I'll gladly make the sacrifice for the large apartment the 田舎 affords me. But there's one thing that I've yet to get a handle on -- even after more than 6 years in the country: the eclectic variety of folks that ride the public transportation system.

On the train, you have several types of people:
There's the 独り言を言う人
There's the じっと見詰める人
There's the 怪しい動きをする人
There's the 寝てしまって肩に頭をもたれる人
There's the 靴を脱いで、足を席にのせる人
There's the One Cup飲みながら、大きな声で話す人
There's the ヤンキー座りをする人
There's the 一番端の席にこだわり人
There's the 焦って電車に乗る人
There's the 携帯電話を手放せない人
There's the イアホンからの音漏れを気にしない人

  • 独り言を言う: Talk to oneself
  • じろじろ見る: Look up and down
  • じっと見詰める: Stare at, gawk
  • もたれる: Rest on, lie on
  • ヤンキー座り: Sitting on calves with legs bent, usually blocking doorways
  • 端(はし): Edge
  • 手放す: Let go of, put down
  • 音漏れ(おともれ): Escaping noise
There are tons more, but these were the ones my fiance and I could come up with. Please comment on your observations --especially the more exotic!


Haf said...

When I was living in Saitama-ken, me and my friends were always classifying the other passangers into the following groups:
-sleeping people
-cell-phone (or other devices)-using people
-talking people

Of course, there are others, as you listed many more, but at least in our trains, those were the largest groups.

Then there are also people reading those large volumes of manga, often just leaving them behind when they were getting off the train.

I never saw people take off their shoes, but we noticed quite a few people were either wearing extremely worn-out or very new shoes, and shoes with a white cap like those converse shoes were also quite common. ^^

Oh, and during my first week, I saw a young woman talking on her cell phone, until the man next to her asked her to stop. "Yamete kudasai!" She didn't look very happy, but she did stop!

jljzen88 said...

Yeah, occasionally I hear someone berate a cell-phone user, but those cases are few and far between. I wasn't particularly bugged by a lot of these people before I came to Japan, but recently I've noticed that when it comes to some of them, I'm very イライラしやい
Maybe I'm turning Japanese. No pun intended.