Monday, February 23, 2009

2級 grammar review

I'm a big fan of the use it or lose it philosophy.
So, even though I'm aiming for 1級 (again), I think it's good to refresh some of the forgotten grammar points that I rarely use, but should. Hence, the 2級 grammar refresher entries.

Editor's note: I'm open to suggestions for creating entries for grammar points readers also have trouble with. If you have some, please post in the comments or shoot me an e-mail!

This entry will deal with からといって, which has a meaning of "just because... xxxx," "even if...xxxx," or ""even though....xxxx."

例文: 子供だからといって悪いことを大目に見るわけにはいかない。
Just because he's a kid doesn't mean I can overlook the bad things he does.

This conjunction gives a reason for an action or idea and shows the speaker's disapproval of that action. I really like the "just because" aspect because it's something I say a lot in English.

Here are a couple examples to help you wrap your head around this point.

  • 彼女はアラスカ州の知事に選出されたからといって、馬鹿なことをしないわけじゃない。
    Even though she was elected governor of Alaska, that doesn't mean that you don't do stupid things.

  • 毎日頑張ってこのブログを書くからといって、日本語が上達するとは言えない。
    I can't say that my Japanese is going to improve just because I write this blog everyday

  • 2級の試験に合格したからといって、必ずしも流ちょうな日本語に話すとは限らない。
    Even if he passed the second level of the test, that doesn't necessarily mean he speaks Japanese fluently.

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