Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kanji Combat

移る グループ

移転(いてん): Something is moved, usually big things (店、会社、など)
転居(てんきょ): Move, change residence (引っ越す= 一般的)
移住(いじゅう): Relocate, usually meaning to migrate or emigrate to different country. Often used in reference to migrants
移動(いどう): move something (location). Usually something small
異動(いどう):transfer (personnel); section

選ぶ グループ

選択(せんたく): Chose between several options
選考(せんこう): Pick (for award, etc); select
選抜(せんばつ): Screen; pick (from applicants)
選出(せんしゅつ): Elect

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