Monday, December 18, 2006


Glancing over the pera pera penguin's lastest column, I was struck by how one word can be used so many ways. I figured ya'all might wanna take a look over there at the pdf, but I took a few of the more useful ways and posted them here.

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There are four main usages:

1. Street 明治通り (Meiji street)
2. Traffic 車の通りは激しい (traffic is heavy)
3. Flow of water or air 水の通りは良くない (the water isn't running well)
4. The same state いつも通り (as usual)

Here are some more usages:

そのとおり -As you said

ひととおり -Glance over

言ったとおり -As said

話したとおり -As one was told

思ったとおり -As one thought/expected

評判どおり -As reputed

文字どおり -Literally, to the letter

九分どおり -Almost, nintey percent

元どおり -As it used to be

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