Thursday, December 14, 2006

Used words: Vocabulary list from my dictionary for the last week

Used words:
Vocabulary pulled from my dictionary for the last week

思いもよらない: Unlikely; never thought~
ぴか一: Pick the best
刑事: Detective
悪玉: Bad guy; villian (movies, TV)
占い(うらない): Fortune telling (+師=fortune teller)
図星(ずぼし)をさす: Hit the nail on the head
第三者・世界・ Outsider; third party/third world
雑巾(ぞうきん): Dust cloth
額(ひたい): Forehead; brow
負債(ふさい): Debt; indebtedness
超える・越える: Exceed, go over, cross, be beyond
超す・超す: Go over, come, pass
含める(ふくめる):Include, bring under
原始: Primitive
一方的: One-sided
敵に回す: Make an enemy out of~
添加物(てんかぶつ): Additive
逆さまにする: Upside down, backwards
卑怯(ひきょう): Cowardly (者=Coward)
放す(はなす): Let loose, unchain
いきなり: Suddenly, without notice

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