Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Folks, I'm just a wonderin' what exactly you would like to see here? Please post your ideas and comments on this thread. Whether you want to review something or whether you don't fully understand something, let's try and get to the bottom of it!

I will leave it be for one week, collect the comments, and then try to come up with some content.
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Anonymous said...

great blog! excellent information!

How about hitting up some hiragana only 副詞...

for example...すやすや、ひそひそ、とか・・

thanks again,


jljzen88 said...

You know what? I am actually covering those in one of my textbooks right now. If you get a chance, check out www.alc.co.jp and look for the book 絵で分かる日本語:使い分け辞典1000

Here is the amazon link:


It's divided by months, which is particularly helpful as you can use the giongo and gitaigo phrases you learn almost immediately!

Anonymous said...

cool, that looks handy...already got too many books at the moment but i will see if i might buy it after the exam.

those words get confusing the more you learn.


Yorkii said...

I second that notion. the 擬音語 and 擬態語 are difficult for me to learn.

ill check out that book too.

Clayton said...

okay, this will sound strange, but I would like a discussion of using (comedic?) onomodopeia's that the Japanese seem so fond of using. And psuedo words along those lines.
I am thinking of when they go, "なになにガアアアンなになに...”
I'm always like, why did they just emphasize that word that way?

jljzen88 said...

I'll get some of those giongo and gitaigo words up for next week. Just to satiate your appetite, here are a few I learned today:

骨と皮(ほねとかわ):Skin and bones
がっしり:massive, brawny, sturdy
ずんぐり:stubby, short and far
ぶくぶく:very fat (unsightly)
ぽっちゃり:pleasantly plump

Some of these require a と after them, some don't. I'm interested to find out why this is seeminly arbitrary.