Monday, September 18, 2006

2級のグラフに関する表現 UPDATED


Increase; Rise; Grow; Stretch
伸びる・上昇 【じょうしょう】する

Increase rapidly/suddenly
急増 【きゅうぞう】する

Explosion/sharp increase
激増 【げきぞう】する

Decrease; Fall; Decline; Drop; Reduce; Diminish
減る・減少 【げんしょう】
落ちる・落ち込む・下降 【かこう】

Decrease rapidly/suddenly

Sharp decrease

Kanji Tips

Often time, you can guess the meaning of some kanji, even if you don't know the reading. Looking at the above, you can see two distinct groups.

1. Rise; Increase: 増,伸,上
2. Drop; Decrease: 減,落,下

Basically, the above radicals, when coupled with the vocabulary below can be invaluable when dealing with complex graphs and passaged that make the reader want to do a double take.

Graph specific

大幅に(おおはばに): Considerably, substantially
小幅に(こはばに): small, modestly, slightly
小幅ながら: although/while small
多少(たしょう): Somewhat
わずかに: slightly
ほぼ:Nearly, just about, somewhere in the region of
ますます:More and more, increasingly
横ばい:Flattening out, go sideways
増減(ぞうげん): Fluctuation

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