Saturday, January 15, 2011

Immigration translation 1/15

外国からの入国者数、最多に 10年、中国ビザ緩和影響

Foreigners entering country hit new high in 2010 on eased Chinese visa restrictions


Last year, the number of foreigners entering the country hit a record 9.4 million people -- the highest number since records began in 1950, according to Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau statistics.


According to both agencies, 2009 saw a year-on-year slip in the number of foreigners visiting the country -- a decrease of 1.56 million to 7.58 million -- due to both the spread of swine flu and the effects of the global economic meltdown. In a reversal, visiting Chinese rose roughly 1.86 million over the last 10 years after the government eased rules for tourist visas for citizens of the communist country.


By country, visitors from South Korea were the most, with approximately 2.69 million tourists. They were followed by visitors from the Chinese mainland (1.66 million), Taiwan (1.31 million), the United States (760,000), and Hong Kong (480,000). Those coming from South Korea rose nearly 46% year on year, with those from the Chinese mainland seeing a 34% rise over the same period.


However, visitors from the mainland and from Hong Kong saw a dramatic drop in the wake of an incident near the disputed Senkaku Islands area off Okinawa Prefecture that saw a Chinese fishing vessel crash into Japanese Coast Guard vessels. August saw roughly 250,000 tourists from the mainland and Hong Kong, but that dropped to 190,000 in September, 160,000 in October and again to 110,000 in November.

The Senkaku Islands are claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan, but are administered by Japan.


Japanese traveling abroad also saw an increase in 2010 from the previous year of about 1.19 million travelers to about 16.64 million in total.

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