Tuesday, August 24, 2010



1.成仏(じょうぶつ): To die
2.おおらか: Easygoing; laid back
3.堪える(こらえる): Stifle; repress; hold back
4.先天的(せんてんてき): Congenital; in-born
5.一睡(いっすい)もしない: No sleep a wink
6.連立(れんりつ): Alliance; coalition
7.ずらがる: To skip out on (paying)
8.温厚(おんこう): Good-natured
9.引き付ける(ひきつける): To attract; to charm; to fascinate
10.重力(じゅうりょく): Gravity
11.かねがね(うかがう): (to hear) a lot (about someone)
12.来世(らいせ): To go to the next world
13.唖然とする(あぜん): To be dumbfounded
14.鎮静剤(ちんせいざい): Tranquilizer; sedative
15.年貢の納める(ねんぐのおさめる): "One's number is up"
16.頭突き(ずつき): Headbutt
17.世直し(よなおし): To fix the world
18.見下す(みくだす): To look down on; to despise
19.呼び捨て(よびすて): To use someone's name w/out ~さん
20.忠実(ちゅうじつ): Faithful
21.他界(たかい): To pass away (to a different world)
22.氷柱(つらら): Icicle
23.永眠(えいみん): To expire; to take the "big sleep"
24.請願(せいがん): Petition
25.潮(しお): Tide

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