Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hang in there!

In this noble barbarian's quest to master the language, I'm often encouraged by the people around me with a rousing chorus of 頑張って's, as well as scolded with numerous しっかりして's. But up until recently, one word I had not heard was くじける (to falter, waver or be gutted [in the face of some trying obstacle). I suppose I like this word because it's similar to the cool British phrase, "to be gutted."


In it's affirmative, as I mentioned above, it means to be gutted. But more commonly seen is the negative form and the imperative. Here are a few examples, followed by their English nuances. Enjoy.

  • 例文1: いざという時に決心がくじけて、ボスに給料を上げてくれって言えなくなった。
  • 英文: When it came down to it, I lost my nerve and couldn't ask my boss for a raise.

  • 例文2: 何度も失敗しても、彼の意気はくじけなかった
  • 英文: Even though he failed many times, he didn't let it dampen his spirits.

  • 例文3: 巨人に負けても、くじけずに頑張れ!シーズンは長いよ!
  • 英文: So you lost to the Giants?!? Hang in there, you guys! The season is long!

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