Tuesday, November 03, 2009

予予予! Booyah!

The other day, I had a hard time breaking down the differences between the following similar 予-words. A lot of them seemed downright the same, but there are subtle difference, which I will try to list. If you know more, please post in the comments sections. Thanks!

予測(よそく): Project; forecast. Often used with numbers and business. 
ALC hits: 1490
  • その数字は2倍になると予測されている。
    The number is projected to double.
予知(よち): Predict, foresee. In the sense that psychics can predict the future.
ALC hits: 71
  • ナマズが地震を予知できるというのは本当ですか?
    Is it true that catfish can foresee earthquakes?
予感(よかん): To have a hunch. Often used in the pattern ~予感がする, which is similar to ~気がする
ALC hits: 78
  • いいことが起きそうな予感がする
    I have a hunch (that) something good is going to happen.

予期(よき): Expect, anticipate, assume. Never used with 通り, as in 予想どおり.
ALC hits: 271
  • 誰にも9月11日に起きたことは予期できなかったはずです。
    Nobody could have anticipated what happened or September 11.

予想(よそう): Expect, anticipate, predict. Often used in compounds:
ALC hits:1186
  • 私たちは招待客は6時に到着すると予想する
    We expect the guests to arrive at 6:00.

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