Friday, November 20, 2009

わしが貢献したんじゃ: My contribution


With only 3 more weeks till the JLPT, here is my 貢献, or contribution to the vocabulary section. Below are some useful words that I came upon in the 語彙 section of my 1級 study book. Most are fairly common words that I've had trouble memorizing, hence this post. Enjoy these and feel free to ask any questions or post example sentences and I will add them to this entry.

1. To put up a flag 2. to run (a news story) 3. To tout, propose and idea.

断片(だんぺん): Piece, scrap of something.

傑作(けっさく): Masterpiece.

模様(もよう): 1. Pattern. 2. Look (similar to 様子)

転覆(てんぷく): To capsize (used for boats usually).

ばらまく: To spread, scatter.

貢献(こうけん): Contribution, share, part in something.

例文: 現在の社長は会社にあまり貢献してない。 
The current president isn't contributing much to the company.

献金(けんきん): Donation, contribution, collection.

Enforcement, bring into operation (usually used with laws).

口頭(こうとう): Oral, verbal, vocal.
  口頭で: By word of mouth.

ヒョウ: Leopard.

目前(もくぜん): Impending
  目前で: Before one's very eyes.

例文: 試験が目前に迫った。 The examination is near at hand.

筋道(すじみち): Logic, reasoning.
  筋道が通る: Hold water.
  筋道を立てて話す: Speak logically.

余地(よち): Room, space, scope.
  改善の余地ある: Room for improvement.

胴回り(どうまわり): Waistline.

微笑(びしょう): Smile.

居残り(いのこり): Detention (punishment, usually after school).

禁断症状(きんだんしょうじょう): Withdrawal symptoms.

催促(さいそく): Demand, press, urge.

例文: 僕は同僚に借金の返済を催促した。
I pressed my coworker to repay his debt.

提携(ていけい): Tie-up, partnership.

体操(たいそう): Gymnastics.

断然(だんぜん): By far, by a long shot.
   断然いい: In a league of it's own.

繁盛(はんじょう): Prosper, thrive (people, business).

Leadership, command (usually used in military context).
   統率者: Leader.
   統率力: Leadership.
融通(ゆうずう): 1. Flexible 2. Lend money.
   融通がきく・きかない: Flexible/inflexible.

融資(ゆうし): Financing.

簡潔(かんけつ): Concise.

体裁(ていさい): Appearance.

名称(めいしょう): Name.

計画的(けいかくてき): Deliberate, intentional.

安保(あんぽ): U.S.-Japan security pact.

民謡(みんよう): Folk music.

抑止(よくし): Deterrence.
   核抑止力: Nuclear deterrent.

軍縮(ぐんしゅく): Disarmament.
   核軍縮: Nuclear disarmament.

陣痛(じんつう): Labor, birthing pains.

催涙(さいるい)ガス・スプレー: Tear gas/Mace.

餓死(がし): To die of hunger.


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