Sunday, July 20, 2008



Below are some more phrases that incorporate the word 目 for the second of a three-part series.

目を丸くする: あの景色はなんっていうか、目が丸くさせるぐらい綺麗だった
What can I say about the view, it was, uh, eye-poppingly gorgeous.

目を背ける: 彼女もすでになくなったのに彼はその事実から目を背ける
Although she already passed away, he refuses to acknowledge this.

目を疑う: あの奇跡が起こった時、自分自身の目を疑った
I couldn't belive my own eyes when the miracle occured.

目に余る: あいつは目上の人なのに、俺にとってその汚い言葉は目に余る
That guy is my superior, but for me, I just can't tolerate those dirty-ass words.

目頭が熱くなる: お母さんはTitanicを見るたびに、目頭が熱くなる
Everytime my mom watches titanic, she is moved to tears.

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