Monday, March 17, 2008

Even though my site is useful, no one reads it*

X ~ と言っても Y: Even though X, Y

Literally : 'say X but'

We all use this a lot in English. Especially when making excuses. Let's review this 2級 grammar point this week. It's a lot more useful than using your standard けど when you want to get your point across clearly.
例文: 日本語ができるといっても、基礎を勉強しただけだから、まだまだだね。
例文: ジャーナリストだといっても、実際はただの素人にすぎない。
例文: 桜は満開だといっても、もう散っているんですよ。
例文: ネバダ州は砂漠だといっても、山もいっぱいある。
例文: お前はダイエット中だといっても、いつもいっぱい食ってるね。


Anonymous said...

I read it!

Daniel Marín said...

Me too!

achikochi said...

Me too!! It's just above my level enough to be challenging and help me learn but not enough to make me hate it. Keep on keepin on!!!

jljzen88 said...

Many thanks, ya'all!
I've got plenty of ideas from the things I encounter using the language in my everyday life, so I'll be sure to post at least once a week! AT LEAST!
Keep on readin'!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you use のに in this situation as well?