Monday, May 31, 2010

Dang slang

Talking to my wife this evening, I was discussing a word I came across on Twitter -- ぼったくり, which translates as "ripoff." Immediately, I thought this was a great word, a word that I could use on a regular basis, and, therefore, one that I wouldn't soon forget.

Which got me thinking again: I probably wouldn't ever actually here this word in its proper context again.


Because it's rude. And though we might call a shop a ripoff to our friends and even to said shop owner's face, that is not the case here in Dai Nippon. And it is even more so the case for Japanese learners. Slang is just often not used in front of us. It's a reality that's hard to escape.

Which leads me to this post. What slang -- and I'm not talking about the この野郎 stuff -- has been helpful for you, loyal readers? Here are a few from me. This list may be updated.

  1. ぶっちゃけ: To put it bluntly. Similar to 正直に言えば, but more emphasis.
  2. あり得ない: No way.
  3. うざい: Shut it! A harsher version of うるさい.
  4. あぶねえ: Derived from 危ない; emphasizes one narrowly escaped danger.
  5. あいつ・そいつ・こいつ: That guy/This guy, but derogatory.
  6. ぶさいく: Butt-ugly.
  7. ださい: Lame, uncool.
  8. はまる: Totally addicted to something (in a good sense).
  9. ほら: Hey! Look!
  10. こら: Hey! (usually preceding an angry statement).
  11. きもい: Gross. Shortened version of 気持ちが悪い.
  12. 面倒くさい: A pain in the ass.
  13. むずい: Hard; difficult. Shortened version of 難しい.
  14. 押忍(おっす): 当て字 for the common greeting.*
  15. ~ってば: Emphasizing preceding statement. ”I said ~"
  16. うけた: To "get" a joke; that was funny.
  17. K.Y./ 空気が読めない: Unable to read a situation well.
  18. 超(ちょう):Super; Very.
  19. ドタキャン: Last-minute cancellation.
  20. ~っていうか:, rather...


Blue Shoe said...

I could be mistaken, but I believe ぼったくり is kansai-ben. I actually used it the other day! We went to a jazz live at some bar. It was 2000 yen just to get in the door, and then we each had to order something (and nothing was cheap). I got kind of angry and with the bartender right there I told her it was a ripoff. Think I embarrassed her, but...oh well.

Blue Shoe said...

Ooops, accidentally left out a sentence. =P

This event at the bar happened with my girlfriend.

JLJZen said...

It could very well be kansai-ben--I'll have to check out the entymology. But yeah, I defintitely think that some of the stuff we might say at home without hesitation simply isn't said here. And that takes some getting used to.

JLJZen said...

According to the wikipedia page, the term came about during rice riots when unfair sale prices of rice were common.

It originally comes from the word 暴利: Usury, excessive profits.

No mention of Kansai-ben, but you never know...

Rodsa said...

Ive been runing into this phrase つーか a fair amount but all i can think of is that it is a slang version of ~っていうか.
would I be wrong??