Friday, March 26, 2010


知恵を絞る(ちえをしぼる): To wrack one's brains

良心がとがめて(りょうしん): To have one's conscience bother one

涙腺がゆるい(るいせん): To be easily moved to tears

To make waves, to rock the boat

手綱を引く (たづなをひく): To take the reigns (be the boss)
   を握る (にぎる): Roughly same as above

財布のひもを握る    (さいふのひもをにぎる): Control the purse strings
       を絞める   (しめる): Tighten the purse strings
       をゆるめる  (ゆるめる): Loosen the purse strings

火に油を注ぐ(ひにあぶらをそそぐ): To add fuel to the fire

波長が合う: To be on the same wavelength

目を疑う(めをうたがう): To doubt one's own eyes

To bring something to light

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