Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bookworm: Idioms for idiots (like me)

Here are a couple more basic idiomatic expressions that I've been studying lately. Going through my textbook, there are a number of them that are ones that you can use everyday. These are some of the more basic ones.

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腰を抜かす: 大変驚く
To be very surprised 
Last summer I was totally freaked out when I saw a snake in the rice field.

目をつぶる: 欠点、誤りを見逃すこと;見ないふりをする
To overlook something (on purpose)
My commute to work is long, but I overlook that since my station is at the start of the line and I can get a seat.

目に余る: ひど過ぎて、見逃せない
To be unable to overlook something

I'm not going to be able to overlook the next time that kid fools around. I'll have to get tough with him.

後の祭り: 手遅れ;遅すぎ
Too late; hindsight is 20-20
You already failed the test. Why are you studying now, it's too late.

案の定 (あんのじょう): 予想通り; 思った通り
Just as I expected/thought

Just as I expected, Sean hit me up for some cash.

鍵を握る: 解決の必要なものを持っている
To be necessary to accomplish something; to hold the key to something
Ichiro holds the key to the Japan baseball team winning.

肩を持つ: 味方する
To back someone

I can't understand why you back a known liar.


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