Monday, August 04, 2008


Here is a list of several common expressions using 頭 and 顔:

頭が抱える: To be at a loss for what to do; to be perplexed.
頭が上がらない: To be in the dog house; to be unable to stand up to X.
頭が下がる: To "tip your cap" (as a term of respect) to someone.
顔が広い: To be well- known.
顔が利く: To have pull.

The following are ones using 口 and 歯:

開いた口をふさがらない: Jaw-dropping.
口を出す: Butt-in.
口をそろえて: In one voice; unanimously.
口がすべる: To let (words) slip out.
口をすべらせる: SAME.
口が軽い: To have a loose tongue.
口が堅い: To be able to keep a secret.
歯が立たない: Impossible to match.

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