Monday, June 16, 2008

Everyday Vocab

Some new words that might come in handy:

提携(ていけい): Tie up, partnership
有利な提携 = a lucrative partnership

ぼうっと: Dimly, vacantly
頭がぼうっとする = feel half-awake

僻み(ひがみ): Inferiority complex
僻みっぽい性格 = cynical character

取り込む(とりこむ): A. to take in, B. to be busy, C. to win over
頭の中に取り込む = take X in

贔屓(ひいき): favor someone
女の子ばかりえこひいきするな = Don't favor girls over guys

真正面(ましょうめん): right in front of; showdown, head on
問題に真正面から取り組む = Tackle the issue head on

傍ら(かたわら): aside, beside
傍らにある = flank

腫れる(はれる): swell (body)
のどが腫れる = make the throat swell


Omega037 said...

If you wanted to use the verb "to flank a person", how would I do that?

Would it be something like 人の傍らの方に来た or 人の傍らの地域から来た? Or is it a whole different thing?

Anonymous said...

apparently people say 側面(そくめん) when referring to attack, if thats what you mean.
as in 側面衝撃(そくめんしょうげき) for flanking attack