Saturday, November 25, 2006


The countdown begins. T-minus one week until the JLPT. What are you doing for last minute preparations?
I've taken three practices tests for the 2級, all of them improving from one to the next. Currently, I aim to pass comfortably with about a 75-80 percent. Some of those reading sections are a bitch!

For the next week, the routine will be:
Vocabulary, 5 new words a day
Kanji, Ocha Kanji self-test
Listening, various CDs (日本語ジャーナル、摸擬試験CD、17年能力試験CD, etc.)
Reading, Newspaper article, 実力アップスピード読解, Hiragana Times

Also, at night I'll be going through the index of The Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese. There's a lot of good stuff hidden back there and it makes for a good review.



Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot from u . Thanks!

jljzen88 said...

I've learned a lot, too. Thanks for visiting!

yorkii said...

yea, been a useful blog for me too. (not to say that this is the end)

will you be aiming for 1級 next year? or at least start studying towards it?

I personally will get down to my 2級 studies as of January.