Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vocabulary, 9.11-15

Below is new vocabulary this week. Expect updates all week.

おろか: not to mention X

保証; 保障 【ほしょう】 guarantee; security; assurance; pledge; warranty

入れ墨 【いれずみ】 tattoo

善意 【ぜんい】 good faith; good will; good intentions; favorable sense; favourable sense

炒める 【いためる】 to stir-fry

効果的 【こうかてき】 effective; successful


味方 【みかた】 friend; ally; supporter

目指す; 目差す 【めざす】 to aim at; to have an eye on

不向き 【ふむき】 unfit; unsuitable

効率 【こうりつ】 efficiency
効率的 【こうりつてき】 efficient

1 comment:

nuka said...

maybe some examples for the more difficult words would be useful.
i'm having trouble remembering some adverbs and conjunctions.
for instance おろか can be used both as an adjective, meaning 'foolish', and as an adverd. for the second usage (more difficult to remember for me) I found an example using dic.yahoo.co.jp

I don't understand even English well, to say nothing of Greek.