Thursday, September 07, 2006

~かける: unfinished wor...

One way to say "in the middle of X~ing" and "started to do X (but not finished)" is:

This grammar point is relatively easy to grasp. It's definition is listed as:


He was on the verge of saying something, but suddenly held his tongue.

I stopped in the middle of writing the novel, so it is still half-finished.

Grandpa was reading the paper on the toilet and fell asleep like that!

is a modifier for nouns (eg. tabekake no ringo)
食べかけのりんご=A half-eaten apple

**かけだ comes at the end of a sentence where だ is derived from です
書きかけだ=it is in the middle of being written


Will said...


Just a couple of typos - I would have emailed you but I can't find your email address anywhere on the site...

Grandpa was reading the paper on the toilent and fells asleep like that!

toilet and fell respectively

Keep up the good blogging


B-LOVE said...

How do you get the spaces between paragraphs to show on your posts? I'm typing Japanese too and everything is single spaced.

After returning to edit the post, I hit return a few times and nothing changed.

Any advice?

jljzen88 said...

Yeah, hold shift while you hit return. It's weird like that...

B-LOVE said...

Zen, Cheers.

thanks for hooking me up. Unfortunately, I have the same template as you on this blogger thing, but I altered mine a tad. Give it a whirl when you get a chance.